Creating user friendly websites while boosting SEO


Search Engine Optimization can become a daunting task for many specialists mainly web designers and content writers. However, SEO is the most important factor which needs to be taken care of to increase your success rate in internet campaigning in this competitive environment. For the growth of any online business, its website needs to be optimized for users as wells as search engines to gain a higher ranking in the search rate which would increase your chances of becoming successful.

Recently search engines like Google have completely changed their techniques of page ranking. It no more follows old time techniques like putting additional keywords and links which are irrelevant to the topic. Thus if you are following these backdated SEO techniques to improve the page ranking of your website you are wasting your energy in the wrong direction.

One should focus on keyword optimization which would surely give you the desired results. This technique is a much faster and smarter way of searching for your desired results giving you a great experience of surfing online. Listed below are a few optimization tactics which if implemented correctly would surely rank your page on the top of any search engine.


  • Create web pages which highlight important keyword:

    In his fast moving generation, no one has the time and patience to head the entire content of the website. They merely skim and scan through the content to ensure whether the website is relevant for their use or not. Thus you should always include the important keyword in the heading tag while creating a website to attract the attention of people. This would make it easier for the users as well as the search engine to know what your site is about.


  • Presentation of the content matters a lot:

    Search engines give special preference to content which is in the form of a list while parsing. Thus if your content is listed in the form of bullet points if has higher chances of being on the top of the list. Moreover highlighting or making important points bold also helps to improve the visibility of important content on your website which would prove to be beneficial for SEO purpose.


  • Use of action keyword in links:

    The links which you include in your website must be provocative for the user which forces the user to click on it. For example, a link name “Click here now to get more information” is more likely to get a number of hits rather than” More information”. On the other hand, the link behind the text would tell the search engine what it is actually about. The number of clicks you get more beneficial it would for your web page.


  • Optimize all images on your web page:

    Optimization of the images o your web page will surely give you a competitive edge over the other website as rarely any web page compresses its images. Compressing your images makes your web page stand out among millions of another website to both Adam and Algorithm.

Thus the above-mentioned tricks should be used however make sure you use only those which are more relevant to your web page.

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